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From now on, our new piano update will be shown on our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/CanadaPianoCo).

Besides, we are keen on purchasing high quality pianos at the best price. 

For enquiries of piano rental, sale or purchase, please whatsapp 6653 0948.


Our company possesses over 30 years of experience in offering piano rentals, specialising at providing high quality pianos for different users, such as kids at a beginner level. When kids have made progress in piano learning, customers may opt for our "Rent-to-Own" plan to purchase the rented piano, or choose other high-end piano models. We will offer a special selling price based on the rental instalment. 

Piano for Rental 



This model is highly recommended for beginners

 Stable quality; Clear and clean notes; weighted keys suitable for young kids or students

88 keys; piano occupies very limited space

Height: 108 cm (42 in)

Made in Japan; Manufacture numbers are all No 5XXXXXX or above 

For this piano model, this second-hand piano is rather new

This piano is now on special rental promotion

HK$250 per month for one year 

Free delivery; One-time free tuning after delivery

While stock lasts; first-come, first-served. 

Enquiry: whatsapp 6653 0948



A standad piano recommended for intermediate learners 

Yamaha U1

Strong, powerful sound expression with resonance and complexity

Distinctive contrast of high and low pitch 

Made in Japan; Manufacture number 5XXXXXX or above

Rental: HK$450 per month for one year

 Free one-way delivery, one-time free tuning

Enquiry: whatsapp 6653 0948



Professional Piano Yamaha U3

Please contact us directly for details. 

Enquiry: whatsapp 6653 0948



Concert Grand Piano

Japanese Yamaha Grand Piano C2 Model

Length: 173cm (5 ft 8 in) Width: 149 cm ( 4 ft 11 in)

Rental prmotion: HK$1,200 per month for one year

Two-way delivery charge is required

Tuning fee: HK$500

Enquiry: whatsapp 6653 0948



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